HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

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yang benar, :P


March 19, 2011


browsing2 my folders, suddenly found this. hehe sy prnh upload dulu, tpi ntah d mana sdah tu post :P listen to the lyrics, n please ignore the lousy vocal. huhu


bobbie said...

wohhohoho~~~ sy ingat sari simorangkir yg nyanyi owh.. ekekkeke... ;p

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

HAHAHA jn ko ksi malu sy sna XD *sedar diri jga begia ni kakkaka

T'ting said...

i like this song..bleh sejuk hati yg menderita kalau dengar ni..aiseyman :)

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

hehhe ya tula hehehe... sy pn suka ni lagu.... :-)

Allyn Rossa said...

saya sangat suka ini lagu..lagu lama kan..:) always evergreen..

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

allyn> ya tula.. timeless :) sy pn suka...hehe... :)