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March 12, 2011

everybody needs ♥

LOVE ... ada apa dgn shinta? :-)

i dont know about u, but i think love is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel, and nobody can avoid it. termasuk sy,,ngehh3,.. i have loved before, and to be honest... i crush on guys so easily (esp when he's caring n being good to me <<-- perangai urang yg kuat perasan~ lol ~ tapi ituhh duluuu ~hahaa),.. now i feel so stupid. but what to do.... sendiri yg buduss....hahaa. tapi bila sy pikir2 balik....tepayah la ba mo mnyesal2 kan... bcos in order to be wise, we must first be stupid :-) and moreover, i think my stupidity isnt that worst juga bakaye. the only stupid mistake that i did --> fell in love with someone who didnt love me in return.
~p/s: mistake kaitu arh? :P

now i'm getting 'stronger' :) tida kuat perasan lagi (wakaka) ~
~ i made up my mind, when i fall in love, it will be forever~ lalala ~ (lirik lagu) :-) hekeke.

well, i believe there is a soulmate for everyone out there and that God created someone for everyone out there. termasuk saya, engkau, anda, dia, dan mereka (kuh3~ apa la knun? hahaa)..huehuehue :-) cuma....kita belum tau lagi siapa kah si soulmate itu (bagi spesies2 manusia yg single mingle). hahaa. like Buble's song "HAVEN'T MET U YET" :-) you, my future love (yg belum di ketahui siapakah gerangan mu ituhh..kakaaka)... well...i havent met u yet....and u havent met me yet.... but i want to say that, please love me forever till the end of our lives, and please dont break my heart. ( ~~ kui3~ sesungguhnya ke-jiwang-an dan sinta itu tidak dapat dipisahkan. hahaha).

to my future love, if i was surrounded by hundreds of pretty girls, would you still notice me?~

~LOVE~ watever it is... dont get me wrong :-) JUST BECAUSE i'm talking about LOVE, doesnt mean i am in love with someone atau sy berasa terhingin mo bersinta (yaiii~) hahaha. i repeat, dont get me wrong ye :-)

it is just a thought that crossed my mind :-)

p/s: love when u're ready, not when u're lonely, because it's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone. — Marilyn Monroe

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