HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

.thanx for visiting or TER-visit a.k.a TER-klik my lousy blog. hehe. nothing much here, it’s just about my daily life, my own..personal story. i guess by writing, or i should say typing is a better way to express my feelings n thoughts (and it's free!! ;D). thanks BLOGSPOT! i am not promoting anything tho . everyone are most welcome to drop me a line, but if u think my dearest mr.bloggie's a douche bag, feel free n don't be shy to click the X button. thank you n have a wonderful day peeps. thanx for reading!(or not) and...i'm sorry to my non-Sabahan readers/visitors (if any) bcos, i'll be using SABAHAN SLANG/LANGUAGE in most of my entries.

yang benar, :P


March 14, 2011


ehemm ehemmm.... (sakit kerongkong sy lepas makan megi) haha. okeh2.. hari ni, sy kna tag oleh Mrs. MyGamanBorneo, tengkiu sbb sudi tag sy ^^ hehehe. selama sy berblogging ni, ni la first time sy kna tag untuk challenge yg begini ni... bila sy tingu2, mcm siok ni mo join... heheh.

btw, bila sy baca post pasal challenge ni, sy baru perasan peraturan dia, msti mo tag 10 org blogger lain. hmm i think i'm gonna skip that rule... hehe. i'll do this just for fun, and not as a challenge... :D well, at least i have sumting to blog for these 10 days ahead kan.. coz sy sllu teda idea bah apa mo post ni... so... thanks mrs.mygamanborneo... i loikeee this! lain kali tag lagi arr. kekeke.


Mrs.MyGaman BorNeo said...

Wah ... suda start. Bah gud luck elvina :) nanti ada tag baru, saya cari blog ko lagi hehehe

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

okie dokie hehehe. cari seja sy untuk tag2. start suda ni :-)thanks hehe