HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

.thanx for visiting or TER-visit a.k.a TER-klik my lousy blog. hehe. nothing much here, it’s just about my daily life, my own..personal story. i guess by writing, or i should say typing is a better way to express my feelings n thoughts (and it's free!! ;D). thanks BLOGSPOT! i am not promoting anything tho . everyone are most welcome to drop me a line, but if u think my dearest mr.bloggie's a douche bag, feel free n don't be shy to click the X button. thank you n have a wonderful day peeps. thanx for reading!(or not) and...i'm sorry to my non-Sabahan readers/visitors (if any) bcos, i'll be using SABAHAN SLANG/LANGUAGE in most of my entries.

yang benar, :P


March 12, 2011


God thanks for loving me, eventho i'm a very bad person. give me the heart that always want to be close to You.... bcos i know only in You, i can find hope and strength.... in this sinful world, things will break, vacations will end, friends arent always nice, brothers n sisters can be annoying, and mum and dad will make mistakes. well, thats because nothing and nobody is perfect 100%..termasuk sy.. thanks again God...

bcos i knw the eternal life i can have in u JC, watever life brings me, i've learned that i can still be content and choose to be happy :-)

when bad things happened teda guna juga mo berabis emo or rasa kesian sama diri sndiri, coz that's reality rite :-) be strong la :-) thats all we can do,.. i always keep in mind that life won't be fair... things dont always happen the way we think they will...

but that's okay because we can still be happy,. rileks beh, dont take it seriously. nnti pindik umur...hahaa :P ~we can still choose to find contentment n confidence in who Jesus made us to be and in what He blessed us to have :-)

just in Him, we'll have happiness like nothing else can offer n like no one else can give :-) trust me :-)

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