HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

.thanx for visiting or TER-visit a.k.a TER-klik my lousy blog. hehe. nothing much here, it’s just about my daily life, my own..personal story. i guess by writing, or i should say typing is a better way to express my feelings n thoughts (and it's free!! ;D). thanks BLOGSPOT! i am not promoting anything tho . everyone are most welcome to drop me a line, but if u think my dearest mr.bloggie's a douche bag, feel free n don't be shy to click the X button. thank you n have a wonderful day peeps. thanx for reading!(or not) and...i'm sorry to my non-Sabahan readers/visitors (if any) bcos, i'll be using SABAHAN SLANG/LANGUAGE in most of my entries.

yang benar, :P


May 18, 2011

tik tik tik tik~ *typing sound* ~

~~ dear bloggie, the main reason i blog on u today is... i feel the universe is ignoring me. is not easy to find a rainbow when i need one.

when i think about my frens, we're all struggling in some way.... we, we are all struggling with dis life, in dis life n the only thing i knoe 4 sure is dat just when things are going well, sumting owes comes along to crap all over it... darn~

sumtimes i feel like my life is a game of Snakes & Ladders (game ular2 yg atas kertas tu, yang mo lempar dadu pastu naik turun d tangga) and i'll never land on the long ladder that takes me up to the finish bcos i keep landing on the snake's head n falling back to the beginning of the game. over and over again~~

do good things really come to those who wait? or is dat just a line? well...i have no idea.

so~~ it's been a while since i last blogged andddd......right now i am finishing up this practical thingy, anddddd now i'm thinking about................... what??? to do next??? hmm... so many things, so many confusing thoughts... hmm...hmm and hmmm..... *blurr* ~@.@~~*rolling eyes*~

soooo~~~~today i cleaned my room and packed all my things (bisuk mo pg kasi pos pg sabah :D) huhu i felt GREAT to see my not-so-many things are all in boxes oredy and now., i am just counting days to muli sabah^^ the meantime i've been listening to lots of music, especially the jiwang2 songs, eww... i need to get back on track.. i dun like to feeling2 the emo-ness , nanti cepat tua ...haha *broken english* aaa biarla, sy memangpun bukan cikgu BI. saya ckgu sejarahhh ok...oleh itu, please ignore my poor grammar & my lack of vocab -_-

hm hm hmmm...okeyylaa.... i think diz mumbling is enuf oredy.... okkk gud niteee all~~ xoxo

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