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yang benar, :P


May 5, 2011

feeling nostalgic *_*

hollaaa peeps!

pheww! i am so mad cause i just wrote a really long blog post and guess wat..? i didn't save!! so frustrating! ereii~ *slapping myself* ..
so, my dear bloggie.. i'm gonna give you the ringkas2 version of what i just wrote. heheh

dis morning i woke up late~ it was freezing cold (p/s: i'm having a fever T_T) n i couldn't be able to get out of my warm and cozy 'bed'. (my 'bed' = tikar. LuL)

pastu pukul 12.30 pg skolah....1.05pm-3.25pm mengajar non-stop (my mouth almost got cramps. sigh....every THURSDAY of my life here is hard as hell).
4.30-6.40 sukantara.

uhh sedih ... as i watch the students doin the sukantara, i realized that back then i actually failed to enjoy my school days , and now i feel i must get it back! ~but yes i know its impossible to go back T_T i know those days are gone and will neva come back ;(

.. i just wish i could go back to those days and do things menyesal x aktif sukan d sekolah duluu...eee terlambat suda ni penyesalan....i want to go back in time & do evrything all over again widaut any regret! T_T .sobs..sobs~ if only time was in my hands, i wud go back to my school days. i really2 miss my school days like crazeyy...and not only my school days...i'm missing my childhood too....huhuu

i think it would be absobloodylutely awesome to turn back the time and start my life all over again...wudnt that be C00L ? ;D


Diana Diane Teo said...

Sometimes I do too wish that times can turn back to the time I want but what to do, it is impossible. What we need to do now is look forward.

Do take care urself.

I am following ur blog. Feel free to drop by and follow my blog. Cheers :)

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

hye diana :) yep...indeed.. its impossible to turn back T_T... u take care too ya.

thankies 4 following my lousy blog.... i followed u back oredy...hehe. cheerss :)