HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

.thanx for visiting or TER-visit a.k.a TER-klik my lousy blog. hehe. nothing much here, it’s just about my daily life, my own..personal story. i guess by writing, or i should say typing is a better way to express my feelings n thoughts (and it's free!! ;D). thanks BLOGSPOT! i am not promoting anything tho . everyone are most welcome to drop me a line, but if u think my dearest mr.bloggie's a douche bag, feel free n don't be shy to click the X button. thank you n have a wonderful day peeps. thanx for reading!(or not) and...i'm sorry to my non-Sabahan readers/visitors (if any) bcos, i'll be using SABAHAN SLANG/LANGUAGE in most of my entries.

yang benar, :P


February 12, 2010


Thanx God, my life is pretty normal today ^_^ ngehe..
but, sejak sy terjerumus dlm bidang blogging2 ni...just as waking, eating n drinking are a daily part of my life, blogging is too! fheww~ scaryyyyy! becos i think i'm blogging n fb-ing to0 much and OMG, i'm wasting my time sitting infront of my lappy for hours and mcm cepat ja masa berlalu bila sy duduk online....adeiiii.....ok my dear blog, kita x bulie 'bejumpa' selalu ni, nanti tida siap asgmt2 sy +_+ deiiyy.....malas nya teingat segala asgmt yg mo d submit after CNY. uhukkk..wat to do, wat to do???? malassss sy....

sy d serang virus kemalasan yg kronik owh skrg ni...tambah2 lagi ni cuaca sini Tanjung Malim yg panasssssssssss btul, telah menggalakkan hormon2 pemalas ku membiak dengan ektip.......deeii, Tuhan tulunggggggggggggggg


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