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September 12, 2010


sy x pcya ni...LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT, hw bout u? do you believe it? *_* bgi sy ni hnya berlaku dlm filem2 or drama2 korea. haha. okay im not saying dat it cudn't happen, cud to sum ppl mgkalie kan...but pada pdapat sy, it shudn't happen. hew2. sumone loving sumone dat they really didnt knoe n then get their heart broken (when it doesnt work out) *or even more worst than just their heart being broken, rite..?

setakat nmpk gmbr ja d fb n belum prnh pun becerita trus kenen jatuh chenta, yg belum pernah2 pun betegur-sapa, pertama kali dia tingu tu urg, trus jatuh ginawo. haha.....sorry to say, sy btul2 x pcaya jenis relationship yg bgtu (or lebih tepat lagi, sy x pcaya ORANG yg mcm tu). mcmana kalo satu hari nnti, dia tenampak lagi urg yg 'lebih baik' (lebih cantik/hensem) dpd tu urg yg sebelumnya?? dia akan sentiasa mengalami sindrom L.A.F.S bila nampak urg lawa/hensem. harhar. well, dat kind of love,.easy come n easy go~~

i dont think u can love sumbody by just glancing at them, i have owez thought dat if u truly love sumone, u need to know them as a person, their personality, etc etc~~ u cant tell all these things just by looking at a person, even if u stare at them for hours *_* or stare deep deep into their gorjes eyes u will not know them or know about them,,

love isn't based on looks, u need to know sumone b4 u can even come close to loving them...bak kata pepatah, u cant judge a book by its cover, wat if u really love them when u first see them, then they turn

there r many many many more reasons y i dont believe in love at 1st sight, tapi ini suma pendapat sy seja bei..huehuehueh. im sure there are a lot of ppl who bliv they fell in love when they first saw sumone. erm...all the best to them, but sorry, i still dont think it can happen.

LOVE can only come after u've gotten to knoe dat person a little better. perhaps even after a conversation or two, ermmm LOVE at first conversation is more believable to me ;D

walopun a convrstion or two memang isnt really enuf to truly knoe sumone, but i think its possible to hv sum initial sparks of love there ..? ;D problem is......"love at first conversation" maybe doesnt sound as romantic as "love at first sight" ..wkwkw

so, taken literally, no i dont blieve in love at first sight. but i do believe dat love can blossom with as little as a convsation.

~~~kesimpulannya, I DONT BLIEVE in L.A.F.S.
sorry to say, tembirang sejaitu xD


eRiC tiNG a.k.a fishermanRanau said...

binut.. sia sokong post ko.. kta tdk tau hati masing2 kan. eheheh

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

hehehe tengkiu2 ;D iya ba, rambut sama hitam (walopun banyak urang yg dye2 rambut), tapi hati lain2....kekekkek

conn said...

Btw, 1st love is the hardest to forget but unbearable pain when we remind it back..;p

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

it depends on wat kind of love,...when its hard to forget, n painful to be remembered, well....dats the sinta kodou type i guess ;p ngehehehe.

bobbie said...

wahh~~ ada post begini pla ko.. sy sukung 101% owh..hehe..

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

ya ada beh kunun post sy gini :P ekeke.. tengkiu 4 d support =) muehehe.....