HAiiiii kepada yg terlimpas d blog sy yg sungguhH hudusss n tida lawa ini ~kekeke~

.thanx for visiting or TER-visit a.k.a TER-klik my lousy blog. hehe. nothing much here, it’s just about my daily life, my own..personal story. i guess by writing, or i should say typing is a better way to express my feelings n thoughts (and it's free!! ;D). thanks BLOGSPOT! i am not promoting anything tho . everyone are most welcome to drop me a line, but if u think my dearest mr.bloggie's a douche bag, feel free n don't be shy to click the X button. thank you n have a wonderful day peeps. thanx for reading!(or not) and...i'm sorry to my non-Sabahan readers/visitors (if any) bcos, i'll be using SABAHAN SLANG/LANGUAGE in most of my entries.

yang benar, :P


April 3, 2010


Wow! I cant believe dis semester is almost over! at times it seemed to take forever, but looking back it felt so fast! Kui3~~ however, rite now im running on 3-4 hours of sleep (and i dunno why I cant sleep early, jam 6 @ 7 pagi baru mo mengantuk2 sikit, then have to paksa2 lagi ni mata untuk tdr walopun x brapa mgntuk) and lots of eating Maggie+junkfoods just waiting for finals to come and go…ngih3~ (gaya hidup ‘sihat’) +_+ Hmm….i still cant believe dat im heading toward the end of the semester now, and i’ll finish my study here at the end of dis year….then get ready 4 nitemare…LATIHAN MENGAJAR!!Ok, rite now, im about exactly two semester away from graduation. im Excited. Happy. Joyful. Scared. ;-| ~ hmm pa pun yg terjadi nanti, i just can hope for the best and prepare for the worst…i believe God will lead me in whatever path i may take…AMEN!…owh btw HAPPY EASTER DAY all…
hehehehe. JESUS BLESS US always, keep the faith~~!


Henry Andriesk said...

knapa nda blh baca post ko yg "JUST A THOUGHT TO SHARE.." tu..??

e'na binut said...

hehe sy suda dilit baitu...ekekek.. nasip koinda sempat tebaca owh. ahahaa..

EyL Vhee Na Binut said...

napa blog koinda dapat kana komen tu??? kui3